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Panzer Mech 28mm Weird WWII New Releases !

Check out these two gorgeous 3d designed resin Mecha to populate your 28mm Weird WWII Universe.

PzM-03 Tecumesh Mech £25 RRP 

The Tecumesh Mech is essentially an up gunned replacement for the earlier Big Chief mech. Designed and built by Ensign Albrect Locomotive.
The M4 Tecumesh features many refined details of production - shape, strength, with vastly improved performance. 

PzM-07 Akuma JuMech  £25 RRP
Based on the lithe movement and posture of the fearsome Kaiju, combined with the most advanced Unit 731 technology, the Japanese are certainly surging forward with their advances in Mecha technology.

***New Release***

This figure can be used to play the FREE PDF Ratlanders Scenario

Panzer Mech

28mm Weird WWII New Releases!
We are pleased to announce the release of Dossier X-01. 
The second rulebook supplement for Secrets of the Third Reich,  allowing you to explore and introduce a slew of new 3d Resin Mech, Pewter Characters, Armour and Squads for your 28mm Weird WWII Universe.

This release is just the tip of the iceberg, there will be further rolling releases over the course of the Summer months for this exciting new range of 3D Mech & Minis. The 3d quality, design and casting is superb!

And here at West Wind we like to give you a little more...........

Choose a FREE 28mm Pewter Character of your choice from the list below when you spend over £40.00 on products from our brand new Panzer Mech range!

Choose your FREE Character from:-
(Normal RRP £5.50)

PzS2 - Iron Ike
PzS3 - Bomber Bob
PzS4 - Austener
PzS5 - Arc Angel
PzS7 - Uncle Earl
PzS9 - Libby Zooka

(To redeem simply type the Character of your choice in the Comments Section of your Order at Checkout)






Mamselle Salute

Mamselle Exclusive Salute Mini 2016

Mamselle's stats, free to download.  Mamselle can be used in our Victorian Steam Punk Gothic game, Empire of the Dead.

Get started straight away with our downloadable electronic rules PDF's



Empire of the Dead Main rule book - £10 RRP download

Empire of the Dead Requiem Supplement for Empire of the Dead - £10 RRP download

War machines Rules Supplement for Empire of the Dead - FREE
(Includes rules for Empire of the Dead - Penny Gatling, Hansom Tank, HMS Gladstone and Disraeli, Twin Linked Gatling Gun and Turret Conversions)

Ruined Britannia - Secrets of the Third Reich Supplement - FREE
(Rules Supplement to play 'The Temple' Scenario - See Secrets of the Third Reich Miniatures Section to acquire the superb minis set to play this scenario)