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Ruined Britannia – The Battle for Britain’s Soul
On the British home front, we give you a first glimpse of the struggle going on in the ruins of London for the soul of the United Kingdom between the dark and Machiavellian agents of the Temple and the grim warriors of the MI-13.  While both fight for the survival of the England, they have very different visions of her future. 
Ruined Britannia brings a vision of a war ravage Kingdom, which is far from united in its approaches to the war...  Containing orders of Battle are suited to the desperate battle that rages through both the green and pleasant lands, and the dark satanic mills that constitute the war for Britain’s Soul in addition to scenarios and a mini-campaign covering the creeping advances of the Decima.

Rules Supplement to play 'The Temple' Scenario - See Secrets of the Third Reich Miniatures Section to acquire the superb minis set to play this scenario.

Welcome to Ruined Britannia – a supplement for Secrets of the Third Reich focussing on Britain’s secret struggle against spiritual corruption in the face of the Gotterdamerung. In this supplement you will find Orders of Battle and Scenarios tailored to allow players to recreate this epic struggle, or equally, to use with the Orders of Battle from the Core rule book or the Doomsday supplement, taking the forces within further out into the World at war.

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Ruined Britannia (PDF Download)

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