• Empire of the Dead Requiem Supplement for Empire of the Dead (PDF Download)

The Empire stands at a cross-roads, around the globe supernatural beings are awakening. These denizens of the shadows are fighting a war against the encroaching “Golden Age of
Industry and Technology”. An age ushered in by the discovery of that most wonderous fuel Infernium.
Now as the twilight war gathers pace other players take to our stage, we delve into the swirling undercurrent of crime that pervades London.
Scotland Yard has established Supernatural Branch and Hell Division to fight the good fight against the myriad of criminals, gangs and bizarre monstrosities that haunt our fog shrouded capital. Of course in the event that all else fails it has not been unknown for the great and the good to call upon the services of the Great Detective and his friend and confidant the Good
Doctor. Indubitably my dear fellow the occupants of 221b Baker St. can always be relied upon to solve the most complex of Professor Moriarity's webs of crime. This Napoleon of crime, who’s
touch be it ever so lightly applied, can be found upon what would seem to some to be the most inconsequential of crimes. The pocket picked, the drunken man rolled into the Thames or even
that most audacious act of thievery the raid upon the Tower of London and the theft of the great Infernium Crystal the Heart of the Raj. All play their part in his machinations. I have heard it said that Infernium itself is somehow tainted by evil, one chap even proposed that it was the crystallized blood of fallen angels and if you were bold of heart and dared to walk the graveyards by moonlight you may catch a glimpse of something foul. In the tenements and rookeries of London the whispers I have heard in opium dens and Gin houses speak of Reapers. Creatures taller than a man, hooded and cloaked in rags their faces always hidden in shadow. These foul things haunt the forgotten " places where even the twilight creatures now fear to tread.

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Empire of the Dead Requiem Supplement for Empire of the Dead (PDF Download)

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